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Today, scholars agree, on the most basic level, that Jesus (Yeshua) was Jewish who was born, lived, and died within first century Judaism.  His teachings methods, parables, proverbs, and symbolic style were characteristic of the Judaism of that day.  Since both the Older and Newer Testaments are highly Hebraic, with the background, writers, culture, religion, traditions, and concepts being Hebrew, any analysis of Scripture should be done from this perspective.**


As a 21st century community of believers continuing the work the first-century believers embraced, we understand the faith practices of the first century were thoroughly Hebraic.  The authors of Scripture expressed the inspired word of G-d from the Hebraic (eastern) mindset.  Because the Bible traditionally had been interpreted from the western mindset, we now journey to regain the essence of our Hebraic roots. Studying and interpreting the Bible within the Hebrew context enables us, as the recipients of G-d’s inspired word, to arrive at the proper understanding of Scripture. 

**Adapted from Dr. Ron Moseley, (1996). Yeshua: A Guide To The Real Jesus and the Original Church. Clarksville, MD: Messianic Jewish Publishers.


Drawing by Gae Lynn Duncan:  Young, B.H. (2007). Meet the Rabbis: Rabbinic Thought and the Teachings of Jesus. Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson Publishers.

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